What Does My Birthstone Symbolize?

There is a long-held belief, even among the earliest civilizations, that gemstones have holistic meanings and healing characteristics to benefit the mind and body and enable the wearer to tap into a hidden power.

To that end, each birthstone was granted symbols based on their different abilities to protect, heal, or bring good fortune, among other properties to those who wear them.

Whether chosen by the corresponding month we were born, or for what it symbolizes, birthstones provide an intriguing allure as timeless symbols we can all enjoy.

Birthstone By Month and Why They Symbolize More Than Beauty


Birthstone: Garnet

What it Symbolizes: Fidelity, Loyalty, Sincerity, Grace & Faith


Birthstone: Amethyst

What it Symbolizes: Peace, Protection, Tranquility & Sincerity


Birthstone: Aquamarine

What it Symbolizes: Honesty, Loyalty & Beauty


Birthstone: Diamond

What it Symbolizes: Eternal Love


Birthstone: Emerald

What it Symbolizes: Constancy & True Affection


Birthstone: Pearl

What it Symbolizes: Modesty, Chastity & Purity


Birthstone: Ruby

What it Symbolizes: Love, Attraction & Good Luck


Birthstone: Peridot

What it Symbolizes: Peace, Success, Love & Good Fortune


Birthstone: Blue Sapphire

What it Symbolizes: Spiritual Influence and Protection from Envy & Harm


Birthstone One: Opal


What it Symbolizes: Hope, Purity & Truth

Birthstone Two: Pink Tourmaline

What it Symbolizes: Unconditional Love, Friendship & Humanity


Birthstone: Citrine

What it Symbolizes: Prosperity, Joy, and Energy


Birthstone: Blue Zircon

What it Symbolizes: Mental Purification, Meditation & Self Confidence

Birthstone Two: Tanzanite

What it Symbolizes: Dignity, Truth, & Longevity

Birthstone Three: Turquoise

What it Symbolizes: Wisdom, Tranquility, Protection, Good Fortune & Hope

Customized Birthstone Jewelry Makes a Terrific Gift for You or Someone You Love

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