Breathing New Life Into Previously Sentimental Jewelry

At Gems Are Forever, our Beverly Hills staff are Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) from the Gemological Institute of America who know that sometimes certain pieces of jewelry no longer mean what they used to.

Whether it is a bracelet or earrings from a previous partner, or a wedding band and engagement ring set that did not go the distance, there are several ways you can turn an old sentiment into something you love again.

Transform It Into a New Piece of Jewelry

Wedding rings are perfect candidates for transformation, as the stones — whether they are diamonds or gemstones — can allow the stones to be rehomed using customized design solutions and used in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or even a different ring for the middle finger or thumb.

It can also allow the wearer to detach the sentiment that the piece previously held and be excited about something they created on their own.

Make Something Old New Again

Another great way to transform a piece of once sentimental jewelry into something you will love again is to search your existing inventory for jewelry that can be repaired and restored and use the components to bring the once broken piece back to life. 

You can also search for vintage pieces at an estate sale or shop for pre-owned jewelry that will allow you to integrate the components of your existing piece and make something totally new.

Sell the Jewelry & Turn It Into Something You Really Want

Sometimes, it is easier to say goodbye to a piece of jewelry that was acquired in a previous relationship.

Other times, it is even easier to use the proceeds for something you really want, whether that is another piece of jewelry, or a vacation.

Start by having the piece professionally appraised, so you know how much it is worth.

When you are ready to sell, look for a reputable jeweler to sell to or find another source who is interested in the piece.

Contact Our Beverly Hills Master Jewelers to Discuss Your Options

Parting with a piece of jewelry that once held significant sentimental value should be considered with care. Contact our Beverly Hills Jewelry Store to schedule an appointment to have your jewelry appraised, considered for customization, or another option that fits your unique needs, so you can wear it proudly and start a new story.