What is the Best Way to Sell My Jewelry?

At Gems Are Forever, our Beverly Hills jewelers know that while diamonds may be forever, jewelry made with diamonds — or other gemstones — may not be eternally yours. 

Styles change. Meanings change. Life changes. And sometimes, opening your jewelry collection can bring great joy — perhaps when you see your mother’s old watch. Another day it can be the one thing that keeps you from moving forward — perhaps when an old gift continues to stare back at you.

The good news is, you can keep the jewelry you love. You can even have it repaired or restored to its original condition, so you can enjoy it again. You can also say farewell to those pieces that no longer belong — no matter the reason.

Here are a few options to sell your jewelry, and the pros and cons of each.

The Pawn Shop.

Pawn shops are a tried-and-true way to get rid of something quickly.

Chances are, if you are selling it especially jewelry they will buy it. That may be their one attribute: Taking your jewelry to a pawn shop will allow you to get rid of it quickly.

Conversely, they are going to offer you the lowest return for your once-beloved pieces. Combine the low-ball offer with potentially having to submit a fingerprint along with your identification not to mention submitting all your personal information for entry into their database and the whole pawn shop experience may feel a little unfulfilling.  

Online Platforms.

The internet age ushered in countless ways to sell items online. From clothing and appliances to lawnmowers and jewelry, you can probably sell just about anything you own on social media or online marketplaces without any trouble.

The cons of this approach are that you will spend a significant amount of time wading through potential buyers to pinpoint potential fraudsters while worrying about shipping the items safely. You may also run the risk of having to meet someone you do not know therefore cannot trust in person. Some of these meet ups can turn into terrible, even dangerous scenarios that include robbery or violence.  

Online Dealers.

The allure of partnering with online jewelry dealers is that they typically understand the value of your pieces, which makes them seem like a solid bet for unloading your wares.

However, if they are selling your jewelry on consignment, they are going to have possession of it until it sells, which could take quite some time. There is also a real possibility that the commission they take after the sale is going to be much higher than you bargained for, so be sure to ask about the percentage and fees upfront.

Reputable Local Jewelers.

If you are searching for a positive jewelry-selling experience, check with reputable local jewelers who will identify, authenticate, and evaluate your pieces in person.

At Gems Are Forever, our GIA Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) have over 40 years of experience and buy all types of jewelry for immediate payment, so you can part with the pieces that no longer fit your lifestyle or personal narrative without worry.

To learn more about our jewelry expertise and set an appointment for one of our jewelers to review the piece(s) you want to sell, contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment today.