Why Giving Custom Designed Jewelry is Both Intimate & Meaningful

At Gems Are Forever, our luxury jewelers in Beverly Hills believe it is possible to find the perfect piece of jewelry including those for engagements and traditional gift-giving needs right out of the case. Sometimes a beautiful piece of jewelry speaks to you, and says, “This is perfect for…”

Other times, it can be increasingly difficult to find that piece!

This often leads to a frustrated buyer, who is simply trying to make the best choice for his or her budget, while feeling as though their purchase is, in fact, the best one they could have made.

In either scenario, we can help.

At Gems Are Forever, our GIA Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) have over 40 years of experience in helping buyers find the perfect existing piece or through the process of customizing an intimate and meaningful piece that will never be replicated.

Here is how to determine your unique jewelry buying needs, so you can present the perfect dream piece when proposing or celebrating a special occasion or milestone.

When Should I Customize an Engagement Ring or Another Jewelry Gift?

If you have searched and searched for the perfect engagement ring or another jewelry gift, and simply cannot find the piece you believe will make your soon-to-be fiancé or loved one swoon, it may be time to consider custom designed jewelry.

Custom designed jewelry is personal. It says you are one of a kind. And that you — the gift-giver — simply could not find something that said “This jewelry purchasing decision was that important to me” without having it personalized.

It is truly an intimate and meaningful reflection of how you feel.

It can also be achieved by choosing different gemstones, diamonds, metals, and sizes — whether the gift is a ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace, and even a pin or brooch which can be customized to reflect the recipient’s personal flair, including antique, art deco, retro, vintage, revival, and contemporary styles.

Can I Incorporate Components from an Existing Piece of Jewelry into a New Customized Piece?

Many of us have jewelry pieces we have inherited or that were pre-owned or purchased at an estate sale that could be perfectly reinvented.

This is especially true for wedding rings that have been passed down for generations, which can be updated — in whole or in part — to reflect the style of the potential new wearer.

It is also true for pieces that need repaired or restored to take on a new life while maintaining their original sentiment.

If you have pieces that you would like to repurpose for an engagement ring or another gift, but are unsure of their value, our luxury jewelers in Beverly Hills will identify and authenticate the piece for you.

Finally, if you would like to trade something old for something new, we offer top-notch trading, selling, and consigning services that will get you closer to your purchasing goals.

To learn more about our jewelry expertise and set an appointment to discuss customizing any piece with one of our luxury jewelers in Los Angeles County, contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment today.