What are the Benefits of a Free Consultation with a Beverly Hills Jeweler?

At Gems Are Forever, we know a lot of people start their jewelry shopping journey out of need. Whether there is an upcoming holiday, or if they are ready to pop the question and need to find the perfect engagement ring, buying an important piece of jewelry can be intimidating.

That is why our staff is here. We can help allay any fears you may have about spending a significant amount of money on a piece of jewelry — and ensuring you get exactly what you (and the recipient!) want.

Here are the benefits of consulting with a Beverly Hillsa jeweler, before you decide.

Expertise in Their Field.

Our Beverly Hills staff are Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) from the Gemological Institute of America. That means we are experts in the jewelry business. We can help you understand your budget, and place important parameters around your spending — without compromising quality.

Our trusted jewelers have been in the business for over 40 years providing reliable services and quality products to clients across the globe, including a large selection of colored stones and diamonds to create customized designs and estate pieces that cannot be found online.

Someone to Listen to Your Story.

Engagements happen all the time. So do birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions. But YOURS is unique to your relationship with the jewelry recipient, and you want it to be special. So do we. Choosing an important piece of jewelry, whether it is a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring, requires a jeweler who understands your story, and the importance of getting this experience exactly right. Your story matters, and we want to help customize your jewelry purchase to reflect its beauty.

Customization Options That Allow Your Purchase to Be One of a Kind.

When you cannot find an existing piece of jewelry that fits your unique needs, our skilled Beverly Hills jewelers will create a customized piece for you. That process starts by learning more about your purchasing goals, and what the piece means to both you and its recipient, so you can give a gift that is both intimate and meaningful.

If you have a family heirloom, or piece of antique jewelry you would like restored to its original beauty, we do that too. It is the perfect way to restore its sentimental value, and pass it on to a deserving someone.

Schedule an In-Store or Virtual Appointment With One of Our Master Jewelers Today.

If you are not sure where your jewelry purchasing journey starts, browse Our Creations online or call Gems Are Forever in Beverly Hills today to schedule a complimentary consultation virtually, or in person.