Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

At Gems Are Forever, our Beverly Hills staff include Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) who know the one piece of jewelry that goes everywhere with our clients is an engagement ring.

Whether it is determining how much to spend or which center stone cut is right for the recipient, engagement rings matter. Therefore, choosing the right engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions people make.

That fact does not change, simply because years go by.

However, there are times when an upgrade can help renew the spirit of love years after you said, “I do.”

Here are a few simple ways to upgrade an engagement ring without breaking the bank.

Start with Cleaning & Repairs

Engagement rings are one of the few pieces of jewelry that rarely come off, once they are on. While this is great news for your relationship, everyday wear can wreak havoc on the ring itself.

Because they are worn on the hands, rings come in contact with dirt, oils, soaps, and lotions — just to name a few — activities and work that can cause significant damage, which can typically be mitigated by simple and timely cleanings from home.

However, there may be more damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye, including scratches and dents, or worn prongs that could jeopardize the stone’s safety.

To keep your ring in top-notch condition, visit a professional jeweler who will identify any damage, provide advice on when it may be time to resize the ring, and clean and polish the ring back to its original shine.

Add an Anniversary Band

There are multiple occasions when an anniversary band is an incredible addition to an existing engagement ring. When choosing a band, keep the wearer in mind, and consider a metal that goes well with their current setting to start.

If the engagement ring and its stone already take center stage, consider adding a sleek and stackable metal anniversary band that enhances its beauty and simplicity.

There are stacking diamond platinum bands, crown diamond eternity rings, vintage princess cut diamond bands, and the Edwardian style diamond wedding band that makes for a brilliant upgrade.

In some cases, the wearer may want a true upgrade, which means more bling, without saying goodbye to the engagement ring that made her your spouse. At Gems Are Forever, we provide custom design services that allow you to build onto the existing engagement ring, add a band, or eternity ring, so the original design is perfectly enhanced, and never compromised.

Upgrade with Remounting and Resetting Services

Big anniversaries often call for big upgrades! While this means something different for everyone, it is often true that most couples have a much different budget than when they first said I do.

This means a tenth or twentieth anniversary can be celebrated with a new stone or setting that was not an option when you married. We can help you determine — together, or as a surprise — upgrade options that fit your relationship, lifestyle, and anniversary goals with customized designs.

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