Maximizing Your Jewelry While Working from Home

Just like the rest of the world, our Beverly Hills staff and Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) at Gems Are Forever have become reliant on online resources to effectively communicate with our partners and clients.

Whether it is a Zoom meeting with another jeweler, or virtual appointments to discuss our potential clients’ goals, online meetings mean consistently seeing ourselves on screen. If you work from home, you understand exactly what we mean.

Online meetings became a necessity during COVID shutdowns and remain long after to ease communication between coworkers, clients, and other remote workers throughout the country.

The question then, and now, is how do we maintain our professionalism when all anyone can see is a person from the shoulders up on the other side of the screen? The answer: Jewelry.

Make a Statement with Earrings

Since the face and head are at the forefront of any online conversation, earrings can make an immediate impact on how you feel and who your audience sees/

Vintage pearl drop hook earrings can make a statement during an interview with a prospective employer, while Art Nouveau Foliate earrings can creatively send a message when presenting to a crowd. No matter who you are meeting with, earrings exude style and grace — in-person and online — that says you are prepared.

Simple & Bold Necklaces That Make the Statement You Want to Make

Just like earrings can set the tone of your online conversations, necklaces can make a statement of their own.

Add class to a simple button-up, collared shirt with a brilliant cut sliding diamond necklace, or take centerstage with a daring pear-shaped, blue topaz pendant and blouse that will elevate your look and tell the others you mean business.

Give a Welcome Hello with Rings that Move When You Move

Remote meetings require more interaction than we could have imagined from behind a screen. The reality is, your hands are still an integral part of the way you communicate. When you are holding meetings online, do not forget that your hands can help tell a story through your rings.

Whether it is an engagement ring you wear every day, or a statement ring — like our ruby, diamond, and gold ring or sapphire and pink sapphire square ring — that adds a little flare to your online presence, rings can go a long way when you wave hello during an introduction or give a presentation.  

Why is Jewelry Important to Online Meetings?

When people work from home, they have multiple obstacles to contend with. Whether it is balancing home and work life, or ensuring coworkers, employers, and clients that work is getting done each day, jewelry can add a well-prepared element to your virtual appearance.

Jewelry says I am professional, I am prepared, and I am ready to go.

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Online Appearance? We Can Help.

Contact our Beverly Hills jewelry store via email, by phone at (310) 279-5229, or leave your contact information online to schedule a virtual appointment or in-person visit to find the perfect piece of jewelry to optimize your in-person and online look today.