How to Give a Watch as a Gift for Any Occasion

At Gems Are Forever, our Beverly Hills staff, who are Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), know that gifting a watch is a very personal and meaningful gesture as the recipient wears it daily on their wrist, and is pleasantly reminded of the person who gave it with each day that passes.

A beautiful watch can symbolize your time together. As a couple, a classic timepiece can be a perfect anniversary gift that signifies the past, present, and future.

To make your gift-giving hunt a little easier, we have compiled a few tips to search for the best watch ideas for even the pickiest timekeepers on your list, whether you buy them online or in person, at an independent jeweler or a big-box retailer.

Here is how to get started in pursuit of buying one of the most practical gifts any human can own.


Choose Your Price Range and Establish a Budget

Like most purchases — especially where jewelry is concerned — deciding on a price range can simplify the watch-buying process significantly. Whether that means splurging on a luxury piece or sticking to an affordable price point is completely up to you, but with so many watches on the market, starting with a budget is an wise decision to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the available variety.

Understand the Recipient’s Personality & How it Coordinates with the Watch’s Function

Before you start looking for a watch, you must know how the recipient will use it.

There are multiple styles of watches that come with a variety of functions, and each can be incredibly useful to the right person.

Think about how the person wearing the watch will use it. (this is the same as the first one. Delete the first one?)

Will they wear the watch daily?

If so, choose one that has a versatile aesthetic and fits in just about anywhere.

Will they wear the watch only on formal occasions?

Shorten your list and look for an elegant dress watch.

Will they wear the watch during exercise?

Choose a comfortable piece that keeps track of their movements and stands up to moisture.

Will they wear the watch underwater?

Dive watches are incredibly popular, but so are watches of all kinds that do not have to be removed when taking a dip. A rugged watch that is water resistant helps extend its longevity, even in instances when they meant to take it off before jumping into the pool.

Watch Size and Material are Important Details

Purchasing a watch that fits the recipient’s personality is worth your time and energy.

That includes deciding on the size of the watch and what type of material the band should be.

Watches come in small, medium, large — and in some cases, extra-large — face dimensions, which will depend on the size and preference of the person who is wearing it. You will know this better than us, but if you have questions, consider their current style. Do they own a watch of a certain size? Have they mentioned a preference? Do they have a flair for elaborate pieces? Or prefer understated items? Think about their overall personality and shop accordingly.  

Next is the strap material. Are you looking for metal, leather, rubber, or nylon? That, too, will not only depend on their personality and style, but how they will wear the watch.

Daily watches for a business professional are typically metal, which could be gold, silver, stainless steel, or titanium to name a few.

Other professionals who may work outside, instead of in an office, may prefer a leather or Kevlar band that can stand up to the elements without getting damaged in the process.

Think about the person you are buying for and outline your watch-buying criteria before you get started to save time and energy wading through all the viable options.

If you need help, we are happy to assist you by asking all the right questions to point you in the right watch-buying direction.

Gems Are Forever Provides Both Customized Online & In-Person Watch Shopping Experiences for All Types of Buyers

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